Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Portal: Free Downloadable Miniatures Magazine!

WAMP, one of the friendliest miniature painting communities on the Net, has re-launched their regular magazine: Portal.  Why is this big news?  Because it's a fantastic read, full of inspiring pics of gorgeously painted miniatures, various news articles covering all corners of the industry, great interviews with the people behind the products we purchase and the pre-eminent artists in our hobby, reviews of various models from all sorts of companies, and awesome tutorials that may change the way you paint models.

Best of all, it's free!

Now, I know I sound like a paid spokesperson (like my idol, the Shamwow guy), but I genuinely like this online publication.  The quality is pretty darn good, the articles are well written, and it's a quick and easy read.  When they post their latest issue, I like to download it as a PDF to my Blackberry Playbook (although I suspect any tablet would do nicely), and read later at my leisure (often during my lunch break at work... tablet in one hand, huge floppy sandwich in the other).  I'm often cynical about anything "free", but there really isn't much reason not to like this digital magazine.

Anyway, I suggest you head over to WAMP and download their latest issue, and form your own opinion.  More likely than not, you'll like it enough to download each issue as it comes out.

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