Friday, 8 March 2013

Drake: the Dragon Wargame, now on Kickstarter!

Well, it looks like after some extra development time, Drake is now on Kickstarter!  Head over to their website ( and then check out their Kickstarter page ( for what looks to be a very interesting game, and some really nice miniatures.

I was pleasantly suprised to find out that much of the development of this game is happening in my hometown, Vancouver.  Even better, two artists that I respect very much are involved: Chad Lascelles (my former partner in crime with Sorcerer Studios), and Lee De Kock (who entered a fantastically painted pre-production Drake model in this year's GottaCon miniature painting competition).

If I find out any more details, I'll post something up.  I for one would love to paint up one of those dragons, and perhaps some of the Rish faction models.


  1. Thanks Kelly! Cheers, we should have a game sometime after all this crazy dies down (if it ever does heheeh...)

    Action Games Miniatures

  2. Hi Benji! I'll be more than happy to take you up on that game. Best of luck with the Kickstarter. I finished reading the following book at the VPL ( a little while back, and it sounds like as soon as you launch a Kickstarter, it consumes your life. Looks like you guys are doing an amazing job so far though... website looks great, models and art look fantastic, and the Kickstarter itself seems to be doing very well.

    I'll be putting in a pledge soon. I'd love to paint up some of those Rish Rivercrest swordsmen and scouts (possibly the dragon) and post those up on Coolminiornot to see what kind of reaction they get (perhaps even post a WIP thread in the forum and on the blog). I haven't posted anything new on CMoN in some time, and it might be time I did. The top painters there are MUCH better than they were back in the day, but that just means I have to really challenge myself, which is a good thing.