Monday, 7 March 2016

Quick Tip : Use Zip Ties to Keep Your Tools From Rolling Off the Table

Lately, I've been reading a LOT of home renovation books and magazines, as we have finally managed to purchase a house.  It's an older one (built in the mid '50s... if you are European, go ahead and laugh.  To us North Americans, 60+ years for a house is OLD), so there's lots of renos to do.

Anyway, I came across this neat little tip in an issue of Family Handyman magazine:

After reading this, I had one of those moments of, "Holy crap!  How did I NOT think of this before?"

After posting this up on the Vancouver Miniature Painters and the Eavier Metal Facebook pages, I had hundreds of "likes", and numerous comments saying pretty much the same thing.

I can see this working for plenty of miniature related tools, from exacto knives, to sculpting tools, to paint brushes, etc.  Basically anything that is barrel shaped and tends to roll if set down on a sloped surface.

I probably would use the smallest zip ties I could get my hands on though.  Larger ties would add more weight (not much, but still...), which may affect the balance of the tool somewhat.  It wouldn't be a big deal after awhile, but initially you would have to become accustomed to the shift in the balance point.

Anyway, worth a try for anyone who's ever been annoyed by rolling tools.

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