Thursday, 4 April 2013

2002 Khador Warcaster and 2012 Christmas Space Marine up on CMoN

Sorry for the lack of updates... I'm currently working on a fairly big post at the moment (check out the thread:, but in the meantime, I've posted up two pics on Coolminiornot... the first pics I've posted there since December 2005.

Back story of this model and it's paintjob on the Coolminiornot page.  Please feel free to check it out and vote and / or comment.

And regular readers of this blog might recognize the following model:

Again, please check out the link, and vote and / or comment.

I'll be posting more pics up on Coolminiornot over time, and posting them here on SableandSpray as well.  First of all, I'll have to figure out how to stack various pics together into one jpg file, just as many other posters have done.  These were simple... they really didn't need multiple views from various angles to show off the model.  However, my dioramas and larger vehicle models will need to be seen from various sides.

As for the ratings... a high rating is nice, but it's not the ultimate goal.  Constructive feedback is the main goal... how to improve my paintjobs, and see what people think of my paintjobs.  You can never take other people's opinions personally... I just try and be objective about it.  Sometimes the feedback is excellent... well thought out and insightful.  Other times, it's barbed and not very constructive.  You just have to figure out which is which, and not get sucked into some sort of flame war, or let it hurt your feelings.  I know I'm not the best painter in the world... what I want to know is HOW I can become the best painter in the world  ;)

Other than websites and forums online, I'd say the best way to get feedback is to show your models in person... competitions are good... painting clinics are better.  Getting a painter you greatly admire to check out your models in person, and offer constructive feedback is the best thing you can do to get better, faster.  A fresh perspective is always welcome.


  1. Those are some real classics in the CMON post. I vote for McVey's Emperor/Horus piece for his "best ever" and maybe his old Space Hulk-ish ones for "Game Changing". I don't remember his War hammer Quest one but I'll probably kick myself when I see it again.

    1. I agree... seeing some of the pics people have posted up on that thread really got the nostalgia flowing. After my "Top Ten Game Changers" list is posted, I'll consider working on a tribute to some of the people who have really changed this hobby. I'll have to find a pic of Mike McVey's Warhammer Quest diorama to post up here... it really is spectacular... it has many levels and scenes in it (surface entrance guarded by Ogre, a battle in a mansion, adventurers roping down into the lower levels, goblin ambushes, river troll under a bridge, skaven ambushes, descending yet another level, and finally a battle with a lich lord and his undead retinue). Absolutely fantastic stuff. Even the best stuff nowadays can hardly compare.

      By comparison, the Horus piece has too many "dead" spots in it... not filled in with as much detail as the Quest diorama. However, the titular subjects are fantastically done, and it really captures the 2d art piece it was based on. And, most importantly, it inspired a TON of copycats... as well as helped inspire the Horus Heresy fascination that gamers have nowadays.